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dec 2015

International Maritime Club

Samudra was awarded for their excellence in boat manufacturing and the contributions made for the development of boat manufacturing industry.

sep 2015

New Business Vertical - Boat Souvenirs

Flotation is one of the most important discovery of mankind & boats, the most influential invention. India has a rich maritime history. The country is blessed with many sacred rivers. Samudra Shipyard considers that it is a societal responsibility to take forward the oldest mode of mobility. To fulfill this mission, we are working with the Sankat Mochan Foundation.

India is evolving as the spiritual capital of the world with Varanasi being it`s heart. Varanasi has been upholding values & rituals for centuries, unaltered by technological interventions. The place is acclaimed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city of the world. The Varanasi boat design fundamentals are strong. Despite the life style changes in and around the holy city, the boats & their design remain unaltered. It is this authenticity which reminds you of the values in life which need to be protected.

To enlighten evolving India about the values of water mobility & the essence of life which a boat depicts, we have decided to make boat souvenirs. A trip to Varanasi is incomplete without a dip in the holy Ganges & a boat ride. The boat cruise is a time for introspection and a gentle replay of one`s life .The Varanasi Boat exemplifies motion and life. The shape reminds us of Namaste. It is a physical identity to make one reminiscent of belongingness, values and ethics. The Paddle depicts propulsion and course correction when needed. The bag of rice personifies sumptuousness, blessed by Parvathi Devi.

As a tribute to the Hon`ble Prime Minister's Clean Ganga Drive, we have decided to contribute a portion of sales proceeds to the Swatch Ganga Abhiyaan.

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