Who we are
Samudra Shipyard (P) Ltd

Where the modernisation is a way of life India’s No 1 fibre glass boat builders.

For the first time in India, fibre glass house boats are being introduced by Samudra Shipyard, India’s No 1fibre glass boat builders.

Having been into boat building for more than 3 decades, Samudra has been introducing lasting technological advantages on an ongoing basis. At present it is the only ISO 9001:2015 certified company in its field of activity.

Samudra Shipyard (P) Ltd. designs, manufactures, supplies and services composite (FRP) Boats up to 34 m (111 feet) length for Travel, Tourism, Defence and Fishing.

We also manufacture Water Sport Equipments, Marker Buoys and other marine related products.

Starting as a small crafts company, Samudra has come a long way over the years. It has been introducing lasting technological advantages on an ongoing basis. At present it is the ISO 9001:2015 certified company in its field of activity. At the helm of the company are professionals with an enduring passion for the tradition, art and science of boat building.

Today, Samudra Shipyard, though it does not build bulk carriers, does not just stop with small crafts either. It designs and builds all-weather seagoing crafts as well as backwater and inland crafts. From a 3 metre canoe to fibreglass houseboats up to 27 metres long, Samudra's product range includes power boats up to 750 HP, Passenger ferries , pontoons, water sport equipment (parasails, row / pedal/ canoes) and Life-saving accessories.The fishing boat range starts from 3 metres up to 13 metres.

Samudra's operational area is spread over 4 key sectors: Tourism, Defence, Fishing and Water sports.

The major buyers are the Defence , Tourism , international NGOs state and central Govt Departments etc . Samudra is the major supplier of patrol boats to waterborne police stations in Kerala.

VARTM Process
Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding

VARTM is an advanced method in the manufacture of Composites. The process involves the use of a vacuum to facilitate resin flow into a fiber layup contained within a mold tool covered by a vacuum bag.

A vacuum is used to help the resin flow into a bundle of fibers surrounded by a mold covered with a vacuum bag. Composite parts are impregnated and allowed to cure at room temperature, sometimes with post-curing.

Chairman's Message

Welcome to Samudra Shipyard. Come, explore the wide range of FRP boats we design and manufacture. There is a tremendous opportunity unfurling in the Tourism, Defence, Transportation & the Fishing segment. I see that as the next step in our 60 years of tradition in boat building.

The first FRP boat "Samudra Manthana" we built 3 decades ago for the Lakshadweep administration is silently performing her duties in the turquoise sea, looking forward to the next few decades. She floats as a testimony to our commitment to composite boat building, ever since we started it in the year 1990.

Over these years, we have built enviable capabilities in design, engineering, technology and manufacturing. Today, we are on an ambitious growth path with plans to transform ourselves in the next five years .

It has been this commitment to what we do, paved way for Samudra Shipyard`s successful journey throughout the past decades, giving rise to one of the finest boat builders of India with happy customers spread across the world.

To keep up with the challenges of the 21st century we are focusing on talent & technology. While we nurture a culture which supports peak performance along with world class technologies, we will continue to team up with suitable partners to meet the evolving needs of our customers.