Canoes and Surf modules


The elegant classic canoe is designed for 3 persons. Unlike other canoes which are inefficient and difficult to row , this canoe performs quite well under paddle power.The canoe is compact enough to ride along your car roof.

FRP Canoes are economical to operate and rugged in construction. They hardly need maintenance and the lifetime is up to 20 years. These canoes are also a major step towards conserving our forest timbers, as the traditional wooden dugout canoes are basically single logs of huge girth and length with their insides carved out to achieve the boat form.

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Main Particulars
Length 4.57m 5.49m
Breadth 0.75m 0.9m
Depth 0.30m 0.3m
Draft 0.1m 0.1m
Hull Meterial FRP FRP
Weight 52 kg (Approx) 70 kg (approx)
Standard Hardware 1 Paddles 2 Paddles
Application Rivers, Lakes and Frams Rivers, Lakes and Farms
Buoyancy Chamber 2 2

Surf modules

Your adventure begins-Surfing is a great outdoor activity. Paddle sports can help improve cardiovascular health as well as muscle strength throughout the body. Plus, many people enjoy scenic views and peaceful waters—it’s a perfect way to relax and take in nature

Surf Module - Double

Surf Module Double & Single

Surf Module Single


Hull Material FRP
Construction Contact Moulding
Weight 30 kg Approx(Single Seater)
39 kg Approx(Double Seater)
Standard Hardware 1 Paddle

“Always wear life jackets while boating”.

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